Sleeper Sofa

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Invite company to watch TV on a really comfortable duobed sofa and then spend the night on the same furniture converted into a really comfortable twin bed! Just two duobed ottomans and two duobed sofa back pillows make a sofa/twin bed. That’s more furniture for less money. Ottoman tops open to reveal convenient storage space for duoPillows, linens, magazines, TV remotes, toys – whatever you want to hide away. Perfect for family rooms, dens, dorms, studio apartments, kids rooms – anywhere people sit and sleep. With comfort and versatility, the possibilities are endless!
Each 30" ottoman = 30” x 30” x 18”
2 Chairs or 2 ottomans together= 30” x 60” sofa

Each 36" ottoman = 36” x 36” x 18”
2 Chairs or 2 ottomans together= 36” x 72” twin bed / sofa
What's Included:      
(2) Ottomans
(2) Sofa Back Pillows
(2) Back support/armrests

​**When ordering, select the color of the furniture then add the quantity.**